Similac Organic Infant Formula, Powder, With Iron

Birth to 12 months. Made with organic milk. DHA and ARA, special nutrients found in breast milk. USDA organic. Breast milk is recommended. If you choose to use infant formula, the makers of Similac have a formula that's right for your baby. Similac Organic. Naturally, you want the best for your baby. Wholesome. Healthy. Pure. That's what you want from your baby's formula. That's what you get from Similac Organic formula. It's made with wholesome organic milk and is certified USDA organic - so you know it meets the highest organic standards. Along with the goodness of organic milk, Similac Organic provides calcium for your baby's growing bones as well as DHA and ARA, special nutrients found in breast milk to support brain development. And it's designed to be gentle on baby's tummy. Naturally, your baby deserves a wholesome organic way to a strong beginning. Similac Organic. Strong babies start here. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International.