Minute Maid Kids+ Pulp Free 100% Orange Juice 10 Pk

From concentrate plus calcium and other ingredients. Nutrient Daily Values Compared to Orange Juice: 15% more vitamins A & E, 28% more calcium and 20% more vitamin D. Good source of calcium. No sugar added. 100% vitamin C. 100 calories per box. The goodness of OJ with essential nutrients for kids. Enjoy Minute Maid Juice Boxes as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Each Serving Contains: Calcium and Vitamin D: To help build strong bones. Antioxidant Vitamins: A, C, and E helping to maintain a normal, healthy immune system. A Yummy Pulp-Free Taste: Kids will cheer for the great taste of our Minute Maid Kids+ Orange Juice. % of Daily Value: Vitamin A: Kids +, 15%; orange juice, 0%. Calcium: Kids +, 30%; orange juice, 2%. Vitamin D: Kids +, 20%; orange juice, 0%. Vitamin E: Kids +, 15%; orange juice, 0%. Contains 100% orange juice. Pasteurized. No sugar added. Not a reduced calorie food. Recyclable: Recycling programs for this carton may not exist in your area. Visit recyclecartons.com to learn more. Contains orange juice concentrate from the USA, Brazil and Costa Rica.