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Keeps flavor inside. No wait, no fat, no waste. Marinates in 1 minute. The Original. Marinates 4 Lbs Beef, Chicken, Pork, Seafood. The Quick Shot System Advantage: Our system combines carefully selected seasonings and an innovative method of rapidly saturating meats with rich flavor. Quick Shot Marinades flavor deep inside the meat while seasonings spice the exterior of the meat prior to cooking. No Waiting: Our injection procedures infuse flavor deep inside the meat. No soak time is required for full flavor penetration. Cooking occurs immediately after injecting and spicing the meat. No Fat: As no soak time is required, fats and oils that protect the exterior of the meat from dehydration during the soak process are not necessary ingredients with Quick Shot Marinades. No Waste: Before filling the injector measure out the exact amount of marinade needed (1.5-oz. per pound of meat injected). Unused marinade will remain free of contamination (unlike marinades tainted during the soaking process). Product of USA.