Jules Destrooper Almond Thins Almond Butter Cookies

Authentic Belgian recipe. The original. Purveyor to the Belgian Royal Household. Since 1886. Belgium. Without conservants, colorings or artificial flavouring. The year is 1886, and in the small town of Lo in West Flanders, Jules Destrooper for the first time prepares the perfect dough for his delicious butter biscuits. The original recipes, based on the very best ingredients, remain until this very day a strictly guarded family secret. The superior quality of the biscuits has not only brought Jules Destrooper gold medal awards but also the official recognition as Purveyor to the Belgian Royal Household. Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Connect with us: Facebook: www.facebook.com/Julesdestrooper. YouTube: www.youtube.com/Julesdestrooper1886. www.julesdestrooper.com. Dispose of properly.